Say goodbye to deliverymen, and you can pick up the parcel while drinking afternoon tea in BESTORE


Mentioning the Double 11 Shopping Festival, what would you think of? Full screen of discount information, crowded networks, bursting express points... which are exciting and busy.


What if there is a store on your way back from work where you can pick up the order placed a moment ago while drinking a cup of coffee leisurely - Is this still Double 11 Shopping Festival? With the tool of new retail, BESTORE has brought such a new experience of Double 11 Shopping Festival for customers.



The new store offers afternoon tea with the theme of Double 11 Shopping Festival.


What is the feature of Double 11 Shopping Festival? Is the answer “discount” or “black technology”, which represents the two genres of new and old retail models respectively? Retail innovation will still be the key word for this year’s Double 11 Shopping Festival.


On November 8, the Han Street Yaosheng Square Store of BESTORE officially opened with the theme of new retail for Double 11 Shopping Festival. This 300-square-meter store is divided into snack area, flower area, tea area and leisure area, where a cross-border atmosphere of flowers and coffee is created.



At the same time, the wall of the leisure area is decorated with a starry sky map of Van Gogh, echoing with the online hot-selling customized product for Double 11 Shopping Festival - Nine-flavor Star Crisp of Van Gogh IP. Scan the QR code in the store and you can enter the e-commerce platform to buy. In this way, a European-style afternoon tea has been created through combining offline and online services.


Stores demand customer flow from online


The person in charge of the Store Marketing Department of BESTORE introduced that more than 2,000 stores had participated in the Double 11 Shopping Festival since 2017. This year, with the new retail practice getting better and supported by new tools such as the shopping guide and data bank, there will be deeper interaction between the stores and online services, attracting more customers for each other.


Not only the online theme can be realized at the store, but also the store can demand customer flow from online. Based on the preferences of the VIPs, the store clerk will push the expected product links to them through the “Smart Shopping Guide” and meanwhile, the customers can experience the convenience of “placing an order online and picking up the goods offline”.线下提货。


“From this year’s Double 11 Shopping Festival, many orders need not to be sent to the customers’ doors by deliverymen.” said the above-mentioned person in charge. Through the brand number and smart shopping guide, BESTORE has got through the access from online to offline, and more than 2,000 smart stores have become the front warehouses for Double 11 Shopping Festival. In the future, after the take-away and e-commerce platforms are connected, customers can choose three kinds of AOG (arrival of goods) methods: self-pickup in the store, take-away service and express delivery on Double 11 Shopping Festival and other big promotion nodes.



Customers are the heavy assets of Double 11 Shopping Festival


Entering any store of BESTORE, you will find that the salesclerk will invite customers to scan the code at checkout desk to become a “new retail VIP” of the brand and receive coupons. Up to now, a total of 2.56 million new VIPs have been increased, and BESTORE’s ability to “attract customer flow” ranks first in the snacks industry.


According to the list of healthy operation indicators of customers during Double 11 Shopping Festival released by the e-commerce platform, the comprehensive index of BESTORE is in leading position. This means that during the Double 11 Shopping Festival, no matter regarding the total number of customers and active customers, the deepening degree of relationship, or the level of activity, BESTORE really has an excellent performance.


As introduced by the person in charge of the Store Marketing Department, the “Smart Shopping Guide” has reconstructed the relationship between the salesclerks and the VIPs. “The salesclerks have realized as never before that customers are our important assets”. Whether sending mass messages or offering one-to-one consultation, the salesclerk will have clearer goal and higher communication quality.