Utilizing data analysis to revitalize snack business, BESTORE would like to use this opportunity to enter capital market


More and more enterprises with main business engaged in “snacks” are seeking more opportunities to carry out capital operations. BESTORE that has utilized data analysis to revitalize its snack business is no exception. 


Recently, Zhao Gang, the senior vice president of BESTORE, addressed the fact that peer companies were actively preparing for IPO during an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily at 2018 New Retail Sharing Meeting themed with “Digital Driving Makes Snacks More Delicious”. “It is certain that BESTORE will also carry out capital operations. This direction is correct but we will have to be fully prepared for such an opportunity.” he said. 


In addition, as for the new retail strategy that prevails in the company, BESTORE explains that the establishment of smart stores is the most important strategic step in developing new retail market in 2017. the greatest significance of smart store not only lies in the growth in sales volume, but also in the integration of the data about 37 million VIPs of full channel. Offline stores can support trading by mobile phone Taobao or QR code, which enables consumers to experience a more convenient shopping offline. Presenting Taobao passport for the scanning through store POS, the payment and membership identification, score accumulation and rights write-off will be completed at once. At the same time, since the membership system of the brand has been connected, consumers can centrally manage the membership cards of all brands under their names in Taobao passport and achieve the deposits and withdrawals of online and offline scores. By connecting with stores and shopping guides, consumers can also get better after-purchase care. 


In 2018, BESTORE will further carry out smart store project to make more targeted marketing strategies based on big data collected from the customers. In order to lay a solid foundation in various aspects including brand strategy, observation of consumers’ activities, research & development of products, optimization of supply chain and the opening of stores, BESTORE will establish strategic cooperation with Alibaba’s numerous departments such as data bank and strategy center to jointly work on relevant projects by taking advantage of big data. 


With the high ability in data analysis and perfect omni-channel system, BESTORE is comprehensively open to the cooperation in the data application. As a result, BESTORE’s vision of the new retail market is becoming ever clearer. At the same time, BESTORE has applied varied designs to different stores for new retail. The fifth generation of stores have been trying new designing styles specific to different commercial districts and scenarios of consumption. For example, the self-service snack counter is specifically designed for those who work in office buildings. These pilot stores have been put into operation for more than three months, and it will be possible to see the consumption demand of snacks in an office scenario through examining the consumption data generated from these stores; intelligent customer service system has been launched and operated successfully in 2017, and it is expected that this system can handle the workload of 150 front line customer service staff per month in 2018.