BESTORE officially announced its partnership with Tmall to launch new retail market


As a leading brand for snacks industry in China, BESTORE made an official announcement that it had entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Tmall to jointly carry out key projects on smart store, smart shopping guide, data operation, etc.  


According to the C-level employees of BESTORE, the New Retail Department is being established, and this partnership with Tmall will facilitate active cooperation in the development of new retail market. According to the official news, as a crucial partner in new retail, Tmall had Ye Guohui, the head of New Retail Platform Business Department, attend 2018 BESTORE Strategy Conference held on March 15 to analyze the future retail market and propose effective strategies.  


As the top-selling snack brand with an omni-channel approach, BESTORE was originally an offline store. However, it boasts 2,100 stores and 37 online selling channels today. BESTORE has also begun its cooperation with Alibaba and Tmall last year to work on projects about smart store and so on. 


BESTORE, Forest Cabin, Bestseller and Marie Dalgar, as four representatives of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, shared their cases and experiences about new retail at the Tmall FMCG New Retail Strategy Communication Meeting that was held at the end of March.