Apply for joining the dinner party of BESTORE staff on the eve of Double Eleven: offering lobsters and more than enough snacks


On the eve of the Double 11 Shopping Festival, what are the employees of e-commerce platforms busy doing? On the evening of November 10, the reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily came to the Headquarters of BESTORE, a local e-commerce platform, and saw that hundreds of employees in the Double 11 uniform of red “robes” were busy.



Steaming hot pots, lobsters longer than the palm, pizzas of all tastes... as an e-commerce company of snacks, of course, a variety of snacks were a must, and almost half of the goods that can be seen in the store had been taken in!




At 6:30 p.m. when the reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily arrived at the Headquarters of BESTORE, the employees were holding the annual dinner party on the eve of Double 11 Shopping Festival. The smell of the food being intertwined with the steam of the hot pot, while the young staff laughing and playing, the atmosphere was extraordinarily warm and exciting.


“Almost all employees will work overnight on the Double 11 Shopping Festival, so it is our routine for many years to provide rich food for them before going to work at night.” the relevant person in charge of BESTORE told the reporter.


A lot of customer service staff took the plate back to their workstations, working and eating at the same time. “Now is the busiest moment of customer service staff.” the person in charge of the Customer Service Department explained. During the Double 11 Shopping Festival, over 700 customer service personnel are on duty, and from the eve of Double 11 Shopping Festival, a large number of customers will ask questions related to delivery time, goods concessions and so on. Therefore, from 6:00 p.m. of November 10, the customer service staff will go to work in batches and fight overnight.


The photographers, serving as the art designer concurrently, sat in front of the computers and were busy with the final adjustment and modification of the web page and product pictures. This time, BESTORE has put on more than 100 kinds of new products for the Double 11 Shopping Festival and the photographers shot them in only a few days. “Taking a picture is easy, only with a one-second snap, but it’s really hard to make poses and match the props.”


Entering an office in the corner, the first thing that caught the eye was a full table of snacks. The good-looking little brother nicknamed “Handsome Shi” was conducting a live webcast, trying new products for the audience and answering their questions. “His image has been bound with that of BESTORE, attracting a large number of loyal fans.” said the person in charge of the live broadcast team.



After the “hands-chopping” of Double 11 Shopping Festival, nothing is more concerned by everyone than the logistics time. This year, BESTORE has launched the direct service of express delivery, which means, without going through the transfer station, the parcels will be directly delivered from the warehouse to the customer’s location, which can save 1 day’s delivery time for each order. In fact, impatient customers need not wait for deliverymen to deliver the goods to the door.


The person in charge of BESTORE told the reporter that this year they tried to get through the online and offline accesses. After inputting the brand number in the mobile phone Taobao, customers can find the homepage of each BESTORE. Then placing the order here, you can go directly to the nearby store to pick up the goods. In the future, after the take-away and e-commerce platforms are connected, customers can choose three kinds of AOG (arrival of goods) methods: self-pickup in the store, take-away service and express delivery during Double 11 Shopping Festival and other big promotion nodes.


At 8:30 p.m. when the reporter left, fancy bartending, magic tricks performed by foreign handsome guys and other activities still continued one by one. The employees said, “The entertainment activities will last until late at night. Now it’s our short leisure time. When the bell of 0 o’clock rings, everyone will go into action.”